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The Producers

Brent Quinn of South Africa and Firdaus Kharas of Canada are the Producers. They are jointly responsible for the project and the contents. Firdaus Kharas is the Director.

Firdaus Kharas is a renowned Ottawa-based Producer and Director specializing in the creation of television programs, feature films and animation. Most of the productions are international in creation and on international themes such as children's rights and desease prevention.  Mr. Kharas has recently launched a malaria-prevention campaign called Buzz and Bite.  His work has received over 60 awards in just the last three years.

Further information on Firdaus Kharas can be found on an extensive web-site,

Brent Quinn is a Johannesburg- based Producer specializing in designing South African television programming and recently developing feature films. A core focus is comedy productions.

Quintet has produced for both television and radio, some of South Africa�s largest, post apartheid PSA campaigns, including the National Peace Accord, Victims of Violence, Business Against Crime, AIDS Awareness, Masakhane (Nation Building) and The New Constitution campaign.

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